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    I can't find this posted anywhere else, but I have seen soooooo many people ask "How do I use speed dial?" The typical answer is "Set up a Direct Dial by doing this..." Well that's not the question the person asked you now is it? So here it is (dulled down so even new droid owners can understand). First, open up "phone" like you are going to call someone, press menu and a few options will appear, the bottom left choice is Speed Dial (on my phone it is-Droid Incredible), choose this option, then tap "Add new" and search for the contact's name, then select which number you wish to associate with speed dial and the speed dial number you want. To use speed dial, open up "phone" and hold the speed dial number associated with the person you wish to call, it will call after about 1 second of holding it down. There ya have it. For the people who enjoy being mean, no this was not a dumb post (I was actually surprised at how many people had no clue how to do anything with speed dial).
    09-09-2010 08:46 PM