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    Hey guys,
    When I first got my hands on my S4, I played around with its settings and, naturally, I've forgotten how to adjust the function that corresponds with holding down [or double tapping] the home button.
    I believe, originally, when I held the home button I was sent to the page layout screen, where I could add pages, remove pages, or change around the order of the pages on my home screen. (Correct, or have I become delusional?)
    Now, holding the home button has no function, and I've come to realize how useful the option to add a page to my home screen is!
    I'm using Nova Launcher, so I may have initially found this option in Nova settings rather than the Galaxy's general settings, but Nova settings are fairly limited, and I've browsed through every setting and [I believe] I've confirmed there's no such option there.

    Thanks in advance for the suggestions,
    03-26-2014 07:10 AM

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