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    I have been reading about the inability to move apps to the SD card since I bought this phone 5 months ago. I would consider myself to be a more than mid-level electronics user. But some of these long and drawn out "fixes" have left me worried about ruining my phone to proceed. So I have a 16GB SD card in my phone with a dozen or so pictures on it.
    I have 15 downloaded apps on my phone. I clear out my cache, delete everything I can find with CCleaner (one of my 15 apps). My phone runs like crap and I know it's due to lack of room. I caught the Samsung guy at Best Buy the other night and asked him about this. He looked at my phone for a while and said, "You should call Samsung and make the warranty it. This phone isn't even 6 months old. In fact, they should just upgrade you to the SIII." I was thrilled, but skeptic.
    Long story and 2:45 phone call later, Samsung's "solution" was that I should delete all downloaded apps. Lady said she only had 5 apps on her phone and could delete 3 and it wouldn't a big thing." lol
    I don't use my phone for a phone often. It's more of a personal assistant. I was an ***** not to look into how much storage was on-board. I was too in awe of all the wonderful things I would be able to do with this cool phone.
    I really cannot afford to buy another $300 phone right now. And Best Buy said they would give me $10 for this one. lol But it wouldn't sell for more than $50 on Craigslist.
    So, my question is, can I somehow put apps on my SD card? I don't use weird stuff. I have a grocery/shopping list, GasBuddy, RedBox, Barcode Scanner, a gin rummy game, Domino's pizza, etc. I would love to be able to have my 15 apps and have my phone stop restarting, seizing up and throwing me "Unfortunately, phone or whatever has stopped." Is it hopeless?
    07-01-2014 12:53 AM
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    You can move SOME apps to the SD card - it depends on the app. Run Application manager. Press the app. Look at the left side, a little more than half-way down. There's a "Move to SD card" button. If it's not grayed out, you can move the app. Some or most of the app will be moved, but there will be a link in internal storage to where the app is on the SD card. (The phone is going to look for the app in internal storage.) It'll help somewhat, but you'll still find that with about 2GB of available storage and 512MB of RAM, the phone isn't going to be a great performer running 2014 apps. (It's actually a rehash of the Prevail, which is more than 3 years old now - about a year past the "stick it in a drawer in case of emergency" stage for all but the top of the line cellphones. [And they reach that point at about 3 years.])

    Another thing you can do, but it takes more time, is to install an app like App Backup and Restore, and keep the backups on the SD card. Keep the apps you use all the time on the phone. When you need an app for a one time shot, restore it, use it, then uninstall it. The backup will still be there to install it next time. (I have over 500 apps backed up, in just over 2GB of my SD card.) The other thing that helps is if you ever have to factory reset or replace the hone - you have all your apps ready to install, you don't have to find and download them again.

    (If you use Helium, you can back up both the apps and their data, in case you have apps that don't allow you to back the data up to the SD card.)
    07-02-2014 05:18 PM

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