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    Hey Hey guys!
    Firstly i wanna say that I am new to this forum (just made a reg) and sorry if i post this in a wrong section/break any specific rules etc... Secondly i want to point out with this (as a very lazy person who doesn't like forums and stuffs with registrations) how desperate i am ! Here's a sad smiley to emphasize this (((((!

    Now on topic:
    So I, like probably most of the Android users LOOOVE to download stuff like games/apps/porn/etc... on my phone. And so what's the main problemo grande in this case??? SPACE! No not like outer space but space like memory/storage.
    About a year ago i came to a conclusion that I should buy myself a micro SD card with 64 GB because my poor Samsung Galaxy S4 got filled with stuff to up to 90% and started running slow, not allowing me to download bigger games and many other problems. Now imagine my surprise when i found out that you could only move pictures, music and videos to that external card but NOT bigger games like Asphalt 8, Real Racing, Fifa... I thought that simply clicking on the app's settings and moving it to external storage would fix it but instead it only moved like 50 MB of the app to the SD card and the other 1 GB remained locked and unable to move from the system storage !
    Now I am beginning to think whether i did something wrong (more likely) or simply just Android SUX... If anyone is interested in helping one desperate android user soul please now is your chance to shine ! I am here watching over the thread closely and will answer ANY questions you ask about just pls help me with this.
    Also as a bonus i'd like to know how to make that SD card a default placement for my future downloads (apps, music, pics...) Because even though i made it such (by going to "My files" ---> Settings ---> Set image directory - /storage/extSdCard/Pictures) pictures that i download from Facebook for example or i receive by NFC/Bluetooth are STILL saved in SYSTEM storage, not the SD card (((((!

    Thanks in advance and sorry for long post - as a lazy person this should reeeeeally emphasize how desperate my situation is !
    12-19-2014 02:19 PM
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    Android was designed to store data on the SD card. Some apps will actually work if put there, but most won't (and due to the fact many "developers" don't know PHP from a class file, they don't even test their apps, let alone know that they won't run from the card and don't allow it to be moved), and those that will have to leave a link in main storage (where Android looks for apps) pointing to where they are in the SD card, you don't save that much space (because every piece of the app that gets moved needs its own pointer) ...

    don't count on the SD card for apps, make sure the phone you buy has enough internal storage space for the apps you want.

    Downloads go to the Download folder (that's internal storage) regardless of where the eventual storage place is for them. (Web browsers in PCs do that too - they download to their own download folder, then move the file to whwere you told them to download it to.) So if you don't have enough internal storage to download a file, you can't download it.

    Also ... the operating system itself needs storage spave to store things it nneeds to store - typically around 400-500MB these days, so you can't get any lower than that much free space. If you have 400MB free, and try to download a 200MB file, you'll be told that you're out of space. (It would leave you 300MB, which isn't enough.)

    The only thing you did wrong is buy a phone that doesn't have enough internal storage space for your needs. (A gamer shouldn't hrt anything smaller than 32GB internal storage, and there's no guarantee that will be enough 2 years from now. Remember, a lot of games use game engines - the developers don't write the physics, scenery roll, etc. themselves - and those engines are huge. Even though the particular game may use only 10% of the functions in the engine, the entire engine has to be there - it's a single piece. It's like having one motor vehicle for all needs. So you'd have a 747 with 30 ton cargo capacity parked in your driveway to run to the corner store. That's how some people "write" code these days. (Part of a hacker's [using the word 'hacker' in the old sense - a terrifically good software developer] tool kit used to include a figurative shoe horn - you shoved every last byte of code into the computer than you could. Making someone else's program do the same things, but with less code, was a competitive game. [The smallest program that actually did any useful work eventually came to be 3 bytes long. That's not GB. MB or even KB, just B - bytes. Anyone who knows a smaller routine than the 8080 RST 0 "RAM wipe", please correct me.] These days, the goal seems to be bells and whistles or, as one colleague of my wife's put it, dancing baloney. As long as the app can run in the "developer's phone", even if the phone's ROM is as stipped down as it can be, it's "small enough".

    Nonsense. Quality still counts. We once did a whole accounting system in less than 384KB. That's considered a little utility today. You can still write a whole accounting system in less than 1MB if you want to actually write code. (Sorry for the diatribe, but I still have my "shoe horn" and I can still write tight code. And I still laugh at the source of websites that look as if they were written in 1995 by grade school kids.)

    But there's noting you can do. These large games are going to need large internal storage and large RAM (and fast CPUs and GPUs). IOW, if you're a gamer, whether it's on a desktop or a phone, it's going to cost a lot for the hardware to do it on. And in 2 years the new slop they come out with will need a better phone than is currently available, so be ready to keep nuying better phones, or find games written by developers who actually know how to cut code.
    12-19-2014 03:03 PM
  3. Zerkoto's Avatar
    Oh well you did a pretty good explaining there i have to say . Thanks for the time spent on writing this comment of yours even though it put me in an even bigger desperation. And about the stuff you said about the games beginning to be bigger and requiring more and more characteristics and hardware - this has been like this since the whole beginning actually! Just nowadays with modern technology getting better and better with every month, more and more ambitious projects are becoming real .
    But anyway... Is there really nothing to do in this case? Because back in the days i got my phone i made a huge jump from Symbian (where memory wasn't so serious problem) to Android and silly me i thought 8 GB would be more than enough, especially with the possibility for an external Sd card . See i looked a lot of topics on the Internet and i found that there is still some possible way to kind of link the system storage with the SD card with some sort of program. Is this really possible and if so, how? I also tried rooting my phone recently but the program (towelroot) probably isn't very up to date because it gave me an error that the phone is not currently supported. I found a new way to root it afterwards but ti takes much more efforts and as i mentioned i am a bit of lazy person and i want to do something only if it's worth it .
    12-19-2014 05:33 PM

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