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    I was wondering what old "Palm OS" users are doing on Android smart phone to replace there trusty Palm DeskTop? How are you backing up and syncing your PIM data?

    This is how I am managing, any advice? Not sure if I am completely happy, but it is working and I am not missing reminders. Actually the pop up reminders on Android are very good, and a day view is good also with the widgets.

    I really don't have a desktop software, I just use my Yahoo tool bar in the FireFox web browser. This way I can have my desktop on any of the computers I use, work, home, other.. On the tool bar I have the following Buttons.

    • Yahoo Mail - for Mail, with Yahoo Mail app on my phone
    • Google Calendar - for Calendar - Native calendar app with Jorte on my phone
    • Toodledo - for My ToDo list, with "Got To Do" on my phone
    • My notes are spread between Toodledo and Evernote, I am still confused here.
    • Yahoo Contacts - does android sync with yahoo contacts both ways?, I was using google contacts while I had a palm pre, can I switch back to my Yahoo like I would like to?

    I love the Toodledo plug in for Firefox, you can high light any text in Firefox on a web page, right click and send a todo to thru Toodledo to your phone. It is great.

    I had to get use to not hitting a "hot sync" button. Everything just syncs at the interval you set on the phone. After I got use to it, I liked it better.

    My biggest challenge was to get all my data out of palm os, but the old desktop does allow you to dump it to vCal, vCard, and other text type options that can be manipulated and imported into Google.

    so here I am, how are you backing up and syncing your PIM data?
    03-04-2011 08:22 AM
  2. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    I was able to adjust to cloud computing fairly well; I remember missing Palm (and BB) desktop for a short while.

    If I do sync to any service, I prefer it to be web based, so I can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. For example, I use Producteev to manage tasks. It syncs to Astrid for Android.

    Anyway, if you are from Palm, you probably know Datebk PIM software. The developer has a new Android port called Pimlical which has a desktop component.
    03-04-2011 09:02 AM
  3. greydarrah's Avatar
    Desktop software is old school, redundant and ties you to a single PC. It's best to embrace Google and do it all (calendar, contacts, email, docs, spreadsheets) through gmail. Everything is always backed up. When you change phones, just log into to gmail and your all set up with your data in a matter of minutes.
    03-04-2011 11:33 AM
  4. minicrocop's Avatar
    I am some what in the same boat of sorts. Is there an app or something that would do the same Palm Desktop does both in sync and stand alone on my cpu... but would work on android?

    I liked being able to have my cpu and phone to match up like one can with a palm. I understand the whole sync on the web thing and how it is "better". In the world I live in both cell and www access can be unavailable for extended periods of time and I'd like something that is plug and play so to speak. Plus something that won't replicate over and over. It is bad enough to see my ex-wife's name once but 4 times is too much.

    Thank you.
    04-29-2011 06:56 PM
  5. anon(265564)'s Avatar
    This site has a good list of the available options: Sync Android/Droid with Outlook/Exchange

    greydarrah - not everyone wants/needs to put information the cloud. And given my experience having to migrate from one platform to another, there's no way I'm putting my trust in a single vendor.
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    04-29-2011 09:08 PM
  6. azjerry's Avatar
    The developer of the Palm PIM programs has re-written the Windows desktop program and has a beta version of an Android app. These currently sync through Google calendar. The desktop is pretty stable and the app is coming along nicely. Support via email to the developer and a very active Yahoo group.
    Pimlico Software home page
    05-03-2011 11:49 AM
  7. 3rdpig's Avatar
    When I phased my Treo 700 out I went to a Blackberry and hated the BB desktop software, while it synced there was no calendar or contact list. At that time I decided to go with Google Calendar, mail, contact and Google Sync to keep it synchronized.

    Other than the fact that Google Sync on the BB would sometimes stop working until it was rebooted (a problem the entire phone experienced on a regular basis) I was pretty happy.

    So after I finally got tired of rebooting the phone twice a day and upgraded to an Android phone I've been very happy. Sync is done automatically, Google backs up my contacts and I can export it manually from time to time if I feel it's necessary, which I did for a while and don't bother doing anymore.

    My computer browser opens to multiple tabs, including Gmail and Google calendar and updates between computer and phone are nearly instant.
    05-03-2011 02:21 PM
  8. takeshi's Avatar
    It's best to embrace Google and do it all (calendar, contacts, email, docs, spreadsheets) through gmail.
    Best is always highly subjective -- regardless of the topic. Email, calendar & contacts are synced with Exchange for me (and others).
    05-04-2011 09:12 AM