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    So I am on iPhone, I have about 14 Email accounts in the Native Mail app on iOS. I have changed phones, and all I have to do is backup and restore on a new phone, the iOS takes care of the rest. All my email accounts get transferred to the new iPhone, apps, app data, contacts, messages and pictures. I have been wanting to go Android for a while now, but how the F_ck do I transfer all my email accounts to the new phone???? AND then, I like many experiment with Custom ROM's and builds, BUT how can I make sure al my email accounts keep with me to the newer ROMs? This is CRAZY... I googled it, but all I freaking get is sync to google account... but that is ONLY 1 account... what about all the other fu_king Gmail accounts I use???? This is so frustrating.....
    07-11-2016 03:48 PM

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