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    hi please can someone help. i have always had iphones, but really like the sony z5 premium, so i brought one off gumtree. my friend advised me to do a checkmend report, which comes up all clear, the guy had the original box and everything.
    he told me was on ee so i picked up a sim from pound shop until i got it unlocked. when i put my sim in it comes up with perso lock - no service enter pin to unlock..
    the guy assured me was working fine on ee for him, so he called their customer service. i heard the ee guy on loudspeaker said it was fine all PAYG sims where sold unactivated he took the imei number (and said was registered on their network) and the phone number of the sim and said would automatically unlock in half hour. So all seemed genuine, 2 hours later no change so went to ee shop. the guy had not heard of perso lock and said it wasn't true that their sims need to be activated, he tried their sim and same thing. i have tried vodafone, o2 and 3 sims - all say same thing. i don't know what else i can do.
    there are also a few weird thing about the phone -
    when i factory reset it defaults to italian language - which i don't think is a problem using in uk - unless of course its locked to an italian network (but how would ee have the imei registered on their network?) ...
    its stuck on android 5.1 - i download the 6 update through phone software update - it restarts and says unable to install.
    simlock seems to be unlocked - although it clearly isn't..
    unable to set an apn - access point name settings are not available for this user (even though i am the only account on the phone)

    sorry for the long post but this is driving me mad. thanks for any help x

    help please perso lock!-screenshot_2016-12-25-09-55-03.jpg
    12-25-2016 05:23 AM
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    Welcome to the forums. I couldn't find much on this subject. I would see if the seller is willing to take the phone back and return your money.
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    12-25-2016 09:36 AM
  3. little minx69's Avatar
    thanks. i think he probably would, he has been replying to messages and been helpful since, which makes me think he is genuine. trouble is i travelled a long way top get it for a good price, and want to keep it. i will go into ee tomorrow and see what they can do. thanks
    12-25-2016 03:31 PM

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