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    I was having a phone call with my dad (he is using Huawei P8 Lite) yesterday evening and suddenly we both heard the beeping sound you heard when somebody is attempting to call you while you are having a phone call. We both checked our phones but there was nothing showing on our screens so we just continued. Suddenly, the call dropped and when my dad called me 10 minutes later he said that his phone just shut down and said that it's updating his software. When the phone turned on, everything was set to factory settings with all his contacts, photos, messages etc. gone. Even his SD card is wiped.

    This morning, I got a message from my sister saying that bunch of her classmates had their phones (both Android phones and iPhones) wiped completely yesterday evening (around the same time as it happened to our dad) and apparently all of them were displaying message that software is updating. We found out that all phones were signed into common gmail account my sister is using with her classmates. I told her to immediately change the password to that email and sign out of it from all our devices.

    Anybody has any idea what could cause this? Any advice on how to recover the lost data? My dad had his gallery synced with Google photos, it's mainly contacts that he is missing since he had over 1,5k of them and he said he did a back up of them not so long ago but the backup was on his SD card that's now empty as well.

    Side note (I'm not sure if this has something to do with the issue above): I tried to log into that email account yesterday from my Macbook since I needed to download one powerpoint file from it but when trying to log in I was kicked out with a message saying that my access is denied due to multiple attempts of logging into the account (that was the first and only time I tried logging into that account). I shut down my laptop before I went to sleep yesterday. This morning, my laptop got into boot loop and was later showing message that Mac OS could not be installed on my computer because installation file is corrupted or missing. I managed to turn on my laptop but my sister said that her classmates saw that somebody from Copenhagen (where I live currently) accessed their mail and they also registered some logins from other cities all over our home country where my sister is.

    TL;DR: Several phones shut down and reset itself to factory settings while saying they are updating software. All of them were signed into common email.
    10-25-2017 06:06 AM
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    you all were hacked

    what is a common email?
    10-25-2017 09:21 AM

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