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    First you need a client...agg forget it, just download this program on your PC:

    Android Apps for PC :: Android on PC | BlueStacks

    you can now download and use android apps on your pc using this app. Note: use this app as you would use the play store app (use the search feature to find the app you want and download it from within the bluestacks program)

    i have already used puffin free on my computer, not as excellent as it was on my device but still...its cool and awesome. already got my first push add! lol

    let me know your thoughts as well as what apps work well on your windows PC and which don't, i know opera browser does not work to well_always crashes but puffin works fine,still trying to get whats app too work, but there is no sim card slot in my desktop...as for tube mate(download you tube videos-its available on the opera store for your android device)=still testing

    and please guys im dead serious, this does work for getting android apps to work on your computer.
    08-18-2013 04:20 PM

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