1. Kevin Smith19's Avatar
    Currently I am an iphone user looking to make the switch to android for a few reasons, one of which is the limitations and restrictions I am getting annoid with. However I don’t know if android can do what I would like to do either, So I am needing some help

    Can I:

    1) Download XBMC to my phone
    2) Via XBMC on my phone, connect to my NAS drive and watch the movies off of the NAS drive via xbmc- then stream to my TV via chromcast.
    3) When Streaming via xbmc, my NAS drive or netflix via my phone can I then use other apps (facebook/pintrest/flipboard etc) while the movie keeps streaming on TV via chromcast.

    Also few more general questions about switching-Is there an equivalent app like Hippo Remote, that allows me to control my mac via my phone.

    Do I get push news notifications from bbc news and the guardian like on iphone.

    Finally anyone else who has made the switch from apple to android- do you miss anything or have any regrets.

    11-12-2014 10:12 AM
  2. still1's Avatar
    I am not sure if XBMC has chromecast support or not but if it supports it then yes to all the 3 question.

    I am doing the same thing you just asked with PLEX. Plex recently became free on Android with chromecast support.

    The only paid feature of plex for Android is to play video on your Android device(limited to 1 minute which can be unlocked for $5)
    chromecast support is totally free as well
    03-06-2015 04:08 PM

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