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    I posted about this once before, but on the last day of the sale. This week I discovered it on the first day, so I'm passing it along since there seem to be quite a few people on the $30 prepaid plan.

    Target.com (and presumably the brick and mortar stores) has T-Mobile cards on sale this week. The $30 card is $28.49.

    But wait... you can save more .

    I used my Target Red card to knock off another 5%. That works online (and includes free shipping) or in the store. Add to that, if you go the online route, at least in my state (and it seems to vary between states, so YMMV), they don't charge sales tax and they don't charge the "911" tax that my state recently added. So all together, I paid $27.07 for a purchase that would have been just over $32 if I went to either TMO online or their store. The last time they were on sale, I bought the card in the store; I got my 5% off but they did charge sales tax, tho not 911.

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    11-24-2013 09:32 AM

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