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    I am trying to charge my Nexus 6P while simultaneously casting a streaming video from a USB drive to a Chromecast using a USB keyboard and mouse (Basically a computer replacement scenario). I have purchased the Cynergy 3 Port Ethernet Hub USB C with USB C connector and everything works independently but I can not seem to get it to simultaneously charge and read the USB port data. When the hub is inserted into the Nexus 6P the phone asks me to choose between 5 USB scenarios (see attached picture). When I pick “Charging” the USB ports stop working and when I unplug the power supply and then plug it back in the phone defaults to “Power supply” and the phone does not charge but the USB ports work along with the items connected to them. So I wonder if simultaneous charging and data is possible with the USB C connector on the Nexus 6P? I have read elsewhere in the XDA forum that it may not be allowed in the USB standard but can’t find any confirmation of this. Has anyone found a cable/hub that can do this or is this not possible due to the USB C connector limitation?
    Split cable for charging and OTG-screenshot_20160726-210105.jpg
    07-27-2016 12:38 PM

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