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    Got my Pixel 3 XL Tuesday and despite this being my fourth Google phone (previous had Nexus 4/5/6P), this is the first time I've run into this issue. When listening to TuneIn Radio Pro and Audible streaming, about 1-2 seconds after the screen times out the playback stops. Turn the screen back on and the TIRP widget looks like it's playing as the play/pause button shows pause. Audible starts from scratch (don't use it; was just test the apps I had). Tried un/reinstalling TIRP from Amazon App Store with no change.

    PocketCasts, VLC Player and Google Play Music all continue to play after screen goes out, either by time or power button, so I was wondering if the fact they're all playing local files vs. streaming, but switching PocketCasts to streaming mode had no difference; it kept playing.

    Phone isn't unlocked or rooted; bone stock. I've checked Battery Optimization for TuneIn and even turning that off had no change.

    Anyone else experience this or have a fix? TIA.
    11-28-2018 10:44 PM

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