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    Hello, since Sony tech support is completely useless I will ask my question here where we actually have some technically inclined people.

    My question is, why when my Google TV is powered off, is it transmitting packets?

    Ok, so I am an ITSEC student doing an assignment using Wireshark (packet sniffer) and it is capturing packets from my Google TV (Google TV is powered off)?
    How and/or why would a device transmit packets when it is powered off? This is the 1st packet I seen,
    source xxx.xxx.xxx.36, destination xxx.xxx.xxx.33 UDP

    (xxx.xxx.xxx.36 is my Google TV and xxx.xxx.xxx.33 is my laptop)

    Data: HTTP/1.1 200 ok..CACHE-CONTROL max-age=1800..EXT:..LOCATION: http://xxx.xxx.xxx.36:23519/Ircc.xml...er:android/3.2 UPnP/1.0 Internet TV NSX -GT1/1.0..ST: up np:rootdevice..USN: uuid:3456789 0-1234-1.............. pnp:roootdevice..X-AV-Server info AV=5.0; hn=""; cn="Sony Corporation"; mn=Internet TV NSX-GT1" ; mv="1.0"...

    This is basically transmitting (while powered off) everything a cracker needs to know, WHILE POWERED OFF!!!!

    So, again, how and/or why would a device transmit packets when it is powered off?

    Oh and Sony's response was "because it is connected to my network."
    That explains nothing about my question! I did ask "why when my Google TV is powered off, is it transmitting packets" not " how or why is Wireshark seeing packets from my Google TV."!!!! I did ask 3 different times in 3 different formats and I received the same BS answer.
    10-06-2013 12:49 PM
  2. Jerry Hildenbrand's Avatar
    The obvious answer is that your GTV isn't powered off. It's in a standby mode and is keeping the network alive, like a PC does.
    My wife's Wii and our A/V receiver do the same thing.
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    10-06-2013 02:06 PM
  3. _X_'s Avatar
    I might be no better than Sony's tech support, but I can tell you this.
    Most electeonic devices down shutdown they go in sleep mode. They give the appearance that they are off but in reality the are up and functional.

    That is why you'll hear trends like weak start and cold start.
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    10-06-2013 02:46 PM
  4. enik's Avatar
    Google tv boxes don't turn off unless you unplug them. They do this for a "better experience"

    Sent from my Lumia 928
    02-15-2014 07:27 PM

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