1. M127's Avatar
    Is there any way to have a text message repeat to notify?

    Text messages only make 1 sound notification, then just light up the notification light.

    Every other phone I've ever had, you could set it to beep like every 2 mins or somthing.

    Can this be done on the HTC evo 3d?

    Thanks for the help!!!
    08-25-2011 05:27 AM
  2. sdgert0236's Avatar
    i like it
    08-25-2011 05:41 AM
  3. CarrieK's Avatar
    Try Missed Call Reminder in the Market. It works for messages too and it is free.
    08-25-2011 07:43 AM
  4. KnoxBNYC#AC's Avatar
    Or you can switch to "Go SMS Pro" (It's free, despite the "pro" label).

    It allows you to set how many times to repeat the notification, the interval between notifications, whether the reminders also turn on the screen, etc.

    It is a far superior program to the built-in messaging app, imho. I tried Handcent first, but ended up liking the options on Go SMS Pro better.
    08-25-2011 11:24 AM
  5. markderbyshire's Avatar
    Tremendous Thanks
    10-04-2013 07:28 AM