1. Nickifer Davis's Avatar
    Hello friends, my phone will not allow me to download media attachments such as pictures and .amr files from messages sent to me by others. I am using the native Messages app. I long-click the attachment, select "save" and get the message "Storage card full - You don't have enough free space on your storage card. Please delete some content to make more free space." This is NOT the message that says "Running low on memory" or whatever, and I am still able to open and read my messages, unlike others I've read about. I can tap an attachment to view the attached picture or listen to an audio file/watch a movie clip, I just can't save them. Being a moderately tech-savvy individual, I ascertained that there was plenty of free space on both my sd card and internal storage. Both show upwards of .5 GB which is plenty of space for a several KB picture. I deleted the hidden .trashes folder in both directories, cleared basically every cache and uninstalled all unnecessary apps and notorious "problem apps" like Google Earth, I did hours of searching online and couldn't find anyone having exactly the same problem as I am. I limit the amount of saved text messages, I don't back up emails to my phone, I have uninstalled or reverted to factory settings on every app. I optimized the settings on social media apps like facebook that have a history of messing stuff up. I installed ES File Explorer and cleaned a lot of stuff up and even defragmented my sd's free space from my pc drive wizard. I am familiar with the concept of a memory leak in which something is taking up space somewhere that isn't showing up on my native storage manager or ES file explorer. Does anybody have any advice or similar issues? Thanks much in advance.
    04-07-2014 01:28 PM
  2. saturn_shell's Avatar
    Hi there. Experienced Similar problems with a kyocera hydro edge and searched for weeks trying to solve the issue. Turned out to be an sd card corrupted in such a way that it reported having more space than it actually did.

    http://androidforums.com/kyocera-hyd...ml#post6536159 is the android forums thread in which rukbat linked me to this program download h2testw free and test flash memory | Fighting flash fraud on Ebay which you can use to see if that's the case with your card.

    ended up having to buy a new sd card which was kind of a bummer but a legit sandisk card solved the problem and now that phone works just fine.

    hope this helps
    06-28-2014 01:04 AM

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