04-23-2014 05:28 PM
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    Return s5, keep m8, stick with one phone at a time and stop wasting peoples upgrades. When you do multiple phones at once, this is what happens. You can't decide.
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    There's some truth in this.
    When the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence it's hard to like what you have.

    Pick a phone and stick with it and enjoy it/ learn to live with the stuff the other phone does that yours doesn't.
    I've been having a similar issue to the OP. When I returned to T-Mobile on my mom's plan I purchased the iPhone 5 with T-Mobile's JUMP! Plan but then I wasn't sure I liked it so I paid it off and purchased the S4. Now, I keep getting free SIM cards saying my phone broke (which the S4 has MANY issues for me which I have listed here.) & I keep switching back and forth. To solve this I'm having my mom sell my iPhone 5 (contact me if you are interested) instead of myself because I'm too "attached" lol & Then I am going to use my S4. I plan to pay it off this summer so that I can go ahead and get a better phone near Christmas (I want to see what the iPhone 6 is like in a store).

    Like the original poster, I had decisions to make after leaving Apple. I came from the iPhone 5 and switched after iOS7 or "Bubbles" came out. I did not like the changes in that OS. In addition, I got tired of waiting for Apple to increase the screen size. So I switched to Android and my first was the Galaxy S4. That was my "trainer" for learning Android and as I used to phone I discovered what features I wanted in my next Android device. I don't have many complaints against Samsung. It really was a good phone. One problem was the size of the speaker and the placement. I use my phone as an alarm clock each morning and I have slept through it on occasion. That has NOT happened with the M8, nor do I expect it to. Loud, is an understatement. In addition, on the S4 I used to have to cup the speaker sometimes to make it louder when using some apps. With the speakers facing me on the M8, that is no longer necessary.

    And while the screen on the S4 is beautiful and colorful and all that, it is until you go outside. Then, it is almost a complete washout. With the brightness all the way up it is still difficult for me to see the screen. I missed so many outside shots by not being able to clearly see what I was taking a picture of. Not so with the M8. Very easy to see even in direct sunlight. It's beautiful and visible inside as well as outside and I use my phone outside a lot.

    Those two things, sound and screen, made me start looking at other phones. I researched quite a bit (much of it here - thanks to all of you who post on this site - very educational) and made a number of visits to stores to try out different devices. Yes, I looked at the new S5. In my opinion, and it is only my opinion, the HTC One M8 stands out from the crowd in so many ways. It is of high quality, beautiful, comfortable to hold, well designed, and has an easy to use UI. For those leaving the Apple ecosystem, this is probably the best device in making the transition.

    Is it perfect? No, but what phone is? The M8 is simply heads and shoulders above the rest. If it is not the best phone out there, it has to be in the top two.
    My whole deal breaker with the M8/One is the camera. While I don't take many pictures, I want the pictures I do take to be "good" or at least better than what that phone can take. Though everything else is REALLY tempting on it. I bet speakerphone is AMAZING.
    I've always liked HTC phones since my HTC HD7 which I owned for 2 years and my dad now uses for the past 5 years at least. I don't remember when it came out but it is still in fantastic condition. no issues with the power button or anything.

    Anyway, I'm considering the M8 for my next phone. I just have to see if I can live without the camera.
    04-23-2014 05:15 PM
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    I thought the camera was going to be a deal breaker for me too but its actually pretty good!!
    04-23-2014 05:28 PM
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