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    I recently switched from an iPhone to the M8. After having the phone for a couple of weeks I rooted it and flashed viperone. A few days later I decided that I wanted to change roms and made the mistake of accidentally deleting the entire operating system. Eventually I was able to install the google play edition rom and everything is working fine except for the fact that my HTC sync manager isn't recognizing my phone and all my contacts have been whipped. I was having issues before rooting the phone but finally got it to recognize the phone and backup my data. The problem is that now is that I can't get to the backup because the sync manager refuses to show my phone as being connected even though it is charging. I looked online and it seems like this is a common issue and I have tried numerous ways to try to correct the situation all to no avail. I was wondering if there is either an alternate application I can use to retrieve the data that is stored on my computer or if there is a way to locate the file on my computer and transfer it to my microsd card. Any help would be greatly appreciated, my girlfriend is not going to be pleased when I have to ask her what her cell phone number is...
    05-17-2014 09:00 AM

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