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    I recently updated my VZW M8 to Marshmallow and was wondering if anyone else was having issues with their spell check not working?

    My autocorrect still replaces typos as usual, but the REALLY messed up words that stump it are no longer underlined in red like they used to be! Because of this (meaning without the red line), I'm not able to tap on FUBAR words and get the pop-up with word suggestions and the "Add to Dictionary" shortcut.

    Here's a scrrenshottt (as hard as it was to leave this alone, I had to misspell it for the picture's sake hahaha) I took while composing this that very clearly shows the red line's absence:

    VZW One M8 - Spell Check not Working after Marshmallow Update?-screenshot_20160310-013310.jpg

    Anyone else with this problem? I'm using SwiftKey by the way..!
    03-10-2016 12:36 AM

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