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    I recently updated to marshmallow and now my apps (solid explorer and 3c toolbox) cannot even see that my usb drive is there when I plug it in. I have tried 2 different adapters, no go. I tried plugging it into the computer and it can be read fine. If I go to storage it will show up and let me navigate through it but my apps won't even notice it at all. I am used to backing up my apps in this fashion and need to solve this quickly. The notification says it is plugged in for media transfer. I have also tried assigning a drive letter and using usb debugging mode as well as paying for the otg plugin for solid explorer - which did nothing. Please help me figure this out as it is a very important part of my backup process! Thanks ahead of time guys! BTW its in FAT32.
    03-01-2016 03:33 PM

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