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    Ok, I need a little help, as this problem has me stumped.
    I wanted to set a custom notification sound, so I copied 2 new mp3 files to /sdcard/media/audio/notifications. Normally this should allow me to select those sounds as notification sounds from the sound settings, but this time it didn't work (I have done it successfully before). I then proceeded to open the files in ES File Explorer, selected Play and Set as Ringtone, Notification Tone. That worked and the sound was set as the default notification tone. BUT, here's the kicker, when I now go to settings - Sound - Notification Sound, on the screen where you can set the Default notification, Messages, Calendar, Mail and Notice, I am no longer able to select any tones for each of these categories. When I go into Default notification, where I used to get a list of notification sounds, there is no list anymore, and the Apply button is greyed out. Same with the other notification categories.

    I've tried selecting a different notification sound through ES File Explorer, and that changed the Default again, but I still can't get a list to load in the settings screen. I've already tried clearing data and defaults for the ES File Explorer, Music and Android System under Apps in settings, but that didn't fix it either. I've rebooted just to make sure it wouldn't correct itself, no luck. I'm stuck. I would like to have the ability again to set these different categories of notification sounds. Can anyone help?
    11-29-2013 10:11 AM
  2. S_hades's Avatar
    I ended up restoring a backup to solve this problem. Never figured out how to repair the damage.
    12-01-2013 04:58 PM

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