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    Traveling in Spain this week and wanted to bring some items to light. I have T-Mobile with roaming switched on. I'm using a Spigen clear plastic case (not obstructing signal). My wife and I are on the same T-Mobile One plan.

    1. Switching airplane mode off after landing in London, Madrid, and Ibiza, it took the U11 about 3-5 mins to find service. My wife's iPhone 7 on T-Mobile immediately found service.

    2. Switching towers/carriers has a bug. When I left "Movistar" range the U11 said no service, my wife's iPhone said Vodaphone. I toggled airplane mode on/off and was now on Vodaphone.

    3. Receiving MMS is next to impossible. This includes small sized messages like group texts

    4. My 3rd day on Vodaphone my phone went to "no service" in my hotel room. Toggling airplane mode didn't work. Restating the phone did the trick and was back on the network.

    Love the phone but if I did alot of international travel, these things would bug me.
    09-09-2017 09:22 AM

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