G8 mnvo issue

dennis garber

Jul 1, 2014
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I have one unlocked Verizon g8 that is on us mobile, Verizon, and I can't seem to get it to stick to the apn. Every once in a while, I look at the bars, see one bar, so I reboot and get 4 bars. It is like, as if, Verizon is keeping the phone from the US mobile apn and log in.

Also, I gave my wife an unlocked tmobile lg8 thinq, which she used for 6 months as a second line on the $5 500 mg plan. She did not notice any problems. I got a different sim with 15 gigs of data, same apn and carrier. Now, she seems not to be able to make calls or dial out, randomly, a few times a week. Rebooting her phone, or toggling the airplane mode fixes the problem.

It could be a rom problem (that she did not notice when using the dying boost mobile device as the primary phone for 6 or 7 months), or it could be the fault of the mnvo system which is logging its users out to save money. Else, it could be a problem with the physical sim card, or sim connection in phone.

I have an LG 8 on Mint mobile, with no issues, and my kids are using AT&T unlocked v40s on an mnvo without any problems. (it seems att is the most compatible with unlocked devices, but there are decent att mnvo deals.)

I am also not impressed with the US mobile Verizon signal strength in general. I work all over 5 counties and just took a trip to Put-In Bay, marble head and Bayview. The AT&T has been the winner for reception in my area, consistently, on the smartphones. My flipphone on page plus, Verizon that I kept running until 2020, had the best reception and beat att. I am wondering if us mobile only has part of the Verizon network available to them, or if the g8 thinq just has inferior Verizon antenna. I checked to make sure that all bands were supported on each carrier before buying the devices. Short answer is that we need to buy a phone that was originally on the carrier of the desired mnvo, virtual operator, because the original contract carrier disables the antenna in order to keep an unlocked phone on their network. Congress has yet to pass a law outlawing this loop hole to their requirements to unlock the phone after the contract is paid for. Furthermore, apps specific to the contract carrier need to be disabled on unlocking - - which I have only had partial success doing on the 10 or so LG phones I bought a year ago.

By the way, we need to be able to change the battery, and I think lg glued in the battery which is why these phones are available. So far, all of the LG phones hold a charge well. I am hoping for a work around once the batteries get too weak. I was hoping for a phone technology improvement that entices me to spring for a new phone for each line, but I think any significant improvement is many years off (scratch proof folding screens, double capacity 8 amp hour batteries, graphene 5 minute charging batteries that still have 5 amp hours, screen/camera/GPS/wifi/cell power improvements rather than only cpu power improvements (less than 20 percent of the daily drain).

But my initial post is to debug the US mobile and hello mobile mnvo connection issue. Which could be rom, SD card, SD physical connections, mvno policy related.

I tried to root these lg phones for weeks, before I gave up. Lots promising ways to flash them, but nothing worked.