1. Sticky_Mick's Avatar
    Had my G510 for a few months now and I'm having some really annoying issues that keep recurring.

    The phone will run OK for a few days, then suddenly the RAM will start being eaten away. From startup I have around 150Mb free, this will start to reduce over a matter of minutes to less than 40Mb. Most of the time a restart will bring it back to around 150Mb. From then on it will run fine with it dropping to no less than around 90Mb, then all of a sudden it'll start dropping dramatically again. On some restarts the widgets and icons will be corrupted and most apps can't find their files on the SD card.

    Just had one such crash tonight and everything I've tried so far has failed to restore the phone back to how it was before the crash.
    I'm just backing up everything off my SD card to PC prior to reformatting the card to see if that helps.
    I've got a few apps that I've purchased from G-Play, if I have to reflash the phone I'm hoping I can reinstall those.

    One thing I have noticed in the past is that if I close an app I see, for example, 130Mb of RAM free, then when I remove the app thumbnail from the app history my RAM drops to around 80Mb. How can closing an app suddenly take up 50Mb of RAM, is this showing something wrong?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if it means rooting and installing vanilla JB 4.1.
    10-02-2013 03:19 PM
  2. sohailgagai's Avatar
    Also having issues any help ???

    need help to learn more about huawei 510 very new to android
    10-12-2013 02:27 PM
  3. Debbie Hoorelbeke's Avatar
    Android assistant is a nice helper.. remove the processes and cashe..
    02-16-2014 04:18 PM
  4. sohailgagai's Avatar
    Don't buy 510

    Sent from my HUAWEI G610-U20 using Tapatalk
    02-16-2014 04:19 PM

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