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    Hi, I just tried to encrypt my Jiayu G3, in order to get works emails......three days ago....FIrst time I tried, it took 10 min, so I thought fine, that was it. This I did in preparation for the email installation, But when I tried to set the phone up for the email, it prompted me that I needed to encrypt my phone, so I went on and tried again, all the screens looked the same as the first time, so I thought "well it has not done it then, has it..." pressed the last button, and....phone went black, the Jiayu logo appearded, with a light going over it, phone ogt nice and warm, so it is busy, over night, 24h, 30h, till I had enough, tried to turn it off, unresponsive, had to take the battery out....and when I switch it off, the ROM logo appears, and then it starts encrypting again, for hours and hours, no end! I mean, I did not notice the choices for encrypt SD card, that is a 32GB card, but there is hardly anything on the phone or the card, maybe 4 GB all together. I also did not notice the prompt/choices to encrypt the free space as well, but come on, even if that was choosen, all together 36GB, how long can/should that take, not longer than over night, right?
    Can anybody help? How can I stop this? I am not fussed about the data, but is it actually encrypting or is it hung up?
    10-26-2013 06:56 AM
  2. reallyolderfool's Avatar
    OK, here we go, talking to myself, at least not arguing, yet....I found out what is wrong, my phone had a ROM from needrom, to ugrade from 4.01 to 4.1.2, but I guess the hacker was a criminal, did not want to allow encryption...so when you press the start and sound button at the same time, the ohone goes in developer mode, or something like this, I wiped it, re-installed the same ROM, and guess what, somebody keeps asking to become a superuser....you can click always deny, but i guess if it comes a thousand times you will click yes in error once, and he is your superuser....Contacted Jiayu to get the original ROM, 4.01 is not that bad, right? And I hope it will encrypt....watch this space...Really good phone, I like it...
    10-28-2013 05:15 PM

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