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    Hey everybody, thanks for taking the time to help me with my 2 questions.

    Originally I liked everything about my phone... back when it functioned perfectly. Ever since the phone updated Android it became annoyingly buggy. I wish I could downgrade back to the factory install, but I don't want to lose all of my data, or go through the trouble of transferring stuff manually ie pen to paper. Is there a way to downgrade back to the factory install and keep all of my stuff like contact photos, passwords etc? I've seen how KitKat has messanger incorporated into Hangouts and I'm not liking it AT ALL! This brings me to my next question... How can I prevent my phone from updating to KitKat?
    If rooting my phone is necessary, what is the easiest way to do it. I'm techno savy in a lot of ways, but I've never rooted a phone and the thought of wrecking my phone scares me a bit.
    What are my options???

    Thanks everybody

    My phone-
    HTC one
    Android version 4.3
    HTC Sense version 5
    software version 3.04.651.2
    HTC SDK API level 5.45
    not rooted
    11-02-2013 07:52 PM
  2. spacesurfer75's Avatar
    11-08-2013 01:51 PM
  3. TheeWolf2's Avatar
    If the hangouts and SMS integration is what worries you, you should know that you can download other SMS apps to replace hangouts (and there are plenty). For example, the app 8sms is basically the stock messaging app but somewhat improved.

    If you still wish to know how to downgrade I suggest you ask in the HTC one forum (that is your current phone I assume?). People there should know more.
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    11-08-2013 02:22 PM
  4. spacesurfer75's Avatar
    Thanks for your assistance ThreeWolf2.
    11-09-2013 06:44 PM

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