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    Hey, I'm using the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 on 4.2.2 with Nova Launcher and just recently after disabling apps, etc. my Video player app no longer opens. I press it and it freezes for 15 seconds and says unfortunately it has stopped working. On top of that every time I delete a contact, it deletes the contact but gives me a message like "android.process.acore" had stopped working and exits the contacts app.

    I've tried enabling any potential function that I may have disabled to have that issue and no luck. I also cleared cache and data of the contacts list and contacts storage but no luck. Can anyone help me out here? I honestly do not want to format data as I have already done it 3 times prior to this issue and it is tedious. EDIT: Fixed video player by enabling picasa uploader and cloud Agent. Still no luck with the error message after deleting contact.

    11-14-2013 12:22 AM
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    (Please remove this double post)
    11-14-2013 12:50 AM

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