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    Post KitKat upgrade, I've had a recurring issue where my phone will start saying "Droid.. Droid.. Droid" non-stop.

    Usually after it has been asleep for some period of time. First time, co-workers had to shut off the volume as I was out of the office, 2nd time I tried to close all open apps and that made it shut up, though I'm not sure if was the app closing or just a delayed reaction to me unlocking it.

    Last time, at 2AM after it had been asleep for around 3 hours, it went bonkers again. This time, as soon as I picked it up and unlocked it, it shut up.

    I saw a post about it being NFC, that is already turned off. And nyet on the Clock/Alarm.

    I'm not getting a lot (or any really) e-mails (or tweets or FB posts) that would lead me to believe these are actually notifications, and I've been busy trying to change the default Notification from "Droid.." to anything else whenever I can find a setting to tweak.

    As background, two odd events, during my upgrade:

    1. there was a dialog that said "My SID's don't match" [and this is from memory] and a single button to the tune of "I feel lucky". and since I didn't have any other option, I picked that and I definitely felt like it did some sort of reset.

    Then I had a problem where I would get "Homescreen has closed" over and over again. Dialog pops up, I tap OK, then a second later same Dialog. Lather, rinse, repeat. In this case, in that brief span of a second, I was able to swipe over to Settings and then to Apps, and I deleted anything I could think of (widgets, etc) that either I thought might be the culprit or I didn't care about. And that fixed that.

    Anyway, any thoughts on what is causing this Droid..Droid.. announcement non-stop?

    Oh yeah, on a non-rooted Motorola Razr M.

    05-20-2014 09:24 PM
  2. tek-noid's Avatar
    Found at least one fix - when I get a incoming text message, it does the Droid..Droid.. ad nauseum. Changed the notification tone and it only does it once.

    Hopefully this is the last one.
    05-21-2014 12:57 PM

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