1. Peter417's Avatar
    Is there an app that can create folders like the iOS 9 folders? I searched but i couldn't find.
    02-10-2016 12:50 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Describe "iOS 9 folders" for those of us wh o don't use Apple products, and maybe we can help you.

    (Normally a "folder" is an artifact - it's the icon used to denote a directory. In a launcher, it's a grouping of icons, and how you do it depends on which launcher you're using.)
    02-10-2016 06:38 PM
  3. Peter417's Avatar
    iOS 9 style folders like this:

    App that can create iOS 9 like folders for android?-sytzual.jpg
    02-11-2016 03:17 AM
  4. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Nova Launcher can be customized that way.

    I'm not doing mine exactly like that, but I could tweak it more to look like your screenshot.
    02-11-2016 03:50 AM
  5. Peter417's Avatar
    Nova Launcher can be customized that way.
    Nova launcher folders are nothing like iOS 9 folders, neither the look or functionality are the same. I am using Nova launcher at the momemnt and that is probably the best launcher i have found so far but its folders look and functionality is something i don't like at all. I even have sent request to developers to implement feature to create folders like in iOS.
    02-11-2016 11:45 AM

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