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    Okay so I recently upgraded from being a mindless apple user to the wonderful world of android and lets just say I am hooked. That being said I messed up a little bit. I upgraded to the HTC one, drawn in by the beautiful lines of the phone and the supposedly epic camera.

    The phone itself didn't dissapoint. It is amazing and I love it. The camera however is awful, to the point where it is essentially unuseable. I hate it. Pictures are fuzzy and blurry, exposure is terrible. Almost all photos are washed out and overexposed. When it does randomly take a good shot the lack of detail is upsetting. I just can't live with a horrible camera like this for the next two years.

    I like the looks of the g2 camera is nice and the phone looks fast. My only concerns are firstly, the audio quality with headphones. The output on the phone is down considerably compared with the one. Will that be bad for playback?

    Secondly the onscreen home buttons and back button compared to the relatively set version on the one. How big of a deal is this?

    Thirdly will the ui which doesn't seem to get that great of reviews give me a hard time if I change? Compared to sense which I love but is a little laggy on some things.
    10-29-2013 02:02 PM
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    Hey I came from the HTC one as well. I had it since the day it came out, and recently got the HTC one. I will try to answer your questions best I can.

    1. The HTC one I don't care what people say had a crappy camera, when it did take a decent picture, it felt like you really had to work hard to do this. I can say the LG G2 takes amazing pictures, with great detail and clarity.

    2. The audio quality of the headphones or in general is not even in the same leauge as the HTC One. However this can be said about any phone regarding comparing with the HTC one. The one is a league of it's own. The LG G2 has very low volume but it's a very clean sound, it's sharp good quality but not as loud, so you you might be dissapointed. The loudspeaker on the LG G2 is also not anywhere near as loud as the HTC one.

    3. I actually prefer the clean layout of the digital buttons on the screen rather then a physical button. Only time I would say this was annoying was when I was playing games. I came from a Note 2, to Galaxy S4, to HTC one, and now G2. All the other phones had physical or off screen layout so it was never an issue when playing games. However the LG G2 it stays on screen, only time it does not is when you are playing YouTube videos with the app. If this doesn't bother you then you should be fine.

    4. The UI is great, I don't know why people keep saying the UI is mess, I find it as simple to use as Samsung's touchwiz, with more extras. I can change themes, also even change the icon of the apps to what I want without having to use Launcher, I like the fact that the UI gives you some customizability.

    Hopefully these questions I answered. The biggest issue I have with the phone is the loudspeaker is very low, and the vibration on the phone is really weak compared to the HTC one, or any other high end phone. There are several calls I miss if mildly noisy environment, usually I woulnd't care that much if the vibration was strong but that's weak as well.
    10-29-2013 04:32 PM
  3. digitard's Avatar
    The camera is the SOLE reason I took the HTC One off my list almost immediately. I was on Verizon initially and when I looked at what Android phone I was going to get I looked at photo comparisons between the iPhone 5 (as I already had it), the HTC One, S4 and G2. The ONE was atrocious. I'm sure to a lot they don't mind the loss of detail and clarity, but I have 3 kids so I'm CONSTANTLY snapping photos.

    The S4 was too locked down

    The choice was obvious. Power under the hood. ROM options. OIS. How could I not have gone to the G2?

    It's probably my favorite phone in a while. Especially once I got CIQ disabled, Greenify running and a few other tweaks. I get ridiculous battery life to boot.

    You'll enjoy.
    10-29-2013 05:13 PM
  4. socacola's Avatar
    Oops sorry I meant to say I came from the HTC one to the LG G2 LOL
    10-29-2013 05:37 PM

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