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    Hi I've had this problem since November of last year after flashing CM11 (Stable), prior to that I flashed a Stock LG G2 Kitkat Rom on October since updates weren't available during that time. Yesterday I decided to flash CM12 (Nightly) thinking that it might resolve the Data Connection problem with my LG G2 (D802) and it's still the same ever since I flashed CM11 (Stable). Do you guys have any idea on how to fix this issue? I can't approach my service center since the G2's warranty is already expired and rooted last year. The only improvements that I've noticed is the battery life even if the wifi is on it lasts longer than CM11 and overall performance is much smoother. I can turn on the Data but when I check for its actual usage nothing is being downloaded even though it's already turned on and I can still see a signal bar for my service network.

    LG G2 (D802)
    TWRP (installed using AutoRec)

    Flashed Roms:
    G2 Kitkat (Stock) [October 2014]
    CM 11 (Stable) [November 2014]
    CM 12 (Nightly) [June 2015]

    Dorimanx (Ver 6)[October 2014]
    CM 11 (Forgot) [November 2014]
    CM 12 (3.4.0-CM+) [June 2015]
    06-12-2015 05:39 AM

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