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    I know that I have done this before a while back when I had a old Optimus V. As on a few occasions when cleaning the screen for some odd reason the digitizer just decides to stop working instantly. Of course I didn't bother to try using rice on it at the time as I didn't realize it would have fixed it easily. Anyways I had bought the phone from someone on ebay and all virgin did was look up to see if it was still under warranty and they replaced it no questions asked. And for my Optimus Elite my current phone the battery's sticker thing that shows the information was coming off of it and I thought that if it were to come off then it would be dangerous to use that way. So I talked to virgin and they sent a replacement and I had bought the phone from walmart. But lately they have been a little odd saying I have to have bought the phone directly from them. Of course this was when their system messed up and locked my phone and said it was lost or stolen when I never did such a thing. I was just flashing my account back to my optimus v with their online phone swap option. Eventually after a few weeks they actually decided after I called a few times in one day they fixed it after some hesitation. I am just wondering if they would still do this and if anyone has done it. As it shouldn't really matter if it was bought from them or not as long as it is still under warranty they should have to replace it with no questions asked.
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    01-27-2014 06:43 PM
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    If the phone is still under warranty, or just recently out of warranty, Virgin Mobile has been generous lately about replacing defective devices. Call or email them detailing the problem. You do not have to have purchased the phone from them. They are trying to retain customers. Good Luck!
    01-28-2014 02:31 AM

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