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    This is isn't an extremely bad problem but I want to make sure things won't go like this again, also sorry for the wall of text beforehand
    My phone is the LG OG AT&T
    I tried to install a status bar for a stock based custom ROM (snowJB) on my stock rom but it didn't work as expected. It messed up some things and the systemui kept notifying me of an error every few seconds. The zip I flashed supposedly installed a few files inside said folder but I'm not sure which files and also if it edited other files so I want to replace it completely to not have any problem. thing is, I'm not sure of how to proceed here, do I just wipe it with an explorer and then paste the back up there, or will that break my phone again? do I push the backup with a command prompt after deleting the folder? Is there another option?

    I'm not sure if this info is helpful at all but I thought you guys might need to take it into account, just in case
    I'm also not sure of which category is the right one, since it's my first post in this forum, though I've been lurking around for quite a while

    I tweaked the system apps a bit before screwing up, and deleted the AT&T bloatware that nobody uses, also replaced the stock launcher with nova as a system app. That caused a huge mess after trying to fix things by replacing the contents the folder with a copy of the backed apps.
    First I replaced all 4 files with the name "systemui.apk/odex" and "LGsystemui.apk/odex". then I tried to replace the whole folder by moving things and I accidentally checked the "apply this action for all files" or something along those lines while overwriting them, which probably cause nova launcher to stop working and rebooted my phone automatically. then I spent 2 hours trying to figure out what was wrong with the phone and it turned out I had to reinstall nova launcher outside system to not get in that mess again, and now I'm here, a little desperate to know what can I do to not ruin my phone.

    Thank you
    08-22-2015 06:51 AM

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