1. michail71's Avatar
    Well, there seem to be hundreds if not thousands of posts on this going back several years. "Unfortunately, the process android.process.media has stopped". Although I don't think I've seen to much involving V20s and android 7.

    Is anyone else experiencing this error message? I've tried everything I could find except a factory reset and I've seen people mention that the factory reset didn't even help.
    09-27-2017 05:11 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    In your research, you probably noticed that one of the main culprits can be a corrupt media file, often on the SD card. Do you have an SD card inserted? If so, does this still happen if you unmount the card and remove it temporarily?
    09-27-2017 05:19 PM
  3. michail71's Avatar
    Thanks, yes I did see that. There is no media card installed.

    The gallery app stopped showing new photos from the camera roll around the same time. They do show in the photos app. Which is where I see the error being thrown as well.

    I wonder if a corrupt photo or file could be borking it? I was suspecting file issues too after people mentioned factory resets not working.
    09-27-2017 08:30 PM
  4. michail71's Avatar
    Oh, I also see the error when trying to open a picture from the file manager and when trying to run a media scanner app I downloaded.

    I'll see if I can figure out where the gallery app stopped loading new images and check those files.
    09-27-2017 08:34 PM
  5. B. Diddy's Avatar
    You could try copying all of your photos to your computer via USB cable, then deleting all of them on the phone.
    09-27-2017 10:24 PM
  6. michail71's Avatar
    Great idea. I'm going through a move but will try that when I can and report back the results.

    My best guess now is a corrupt file. Hopefully it's not the internal storage.
    09-28-2017 03:29 PM
  7. GSDer's Avatar
    If you don't have an SD card present then a Factory Reset should fix a file corruption issue (if you can't find the corrupted file on your own).

    It's unlikely, although possible, that the memory itself is corrupted.
    09-28-2017 06:05 PM
  8. Robyn Hubers's Avatar
    I saw a great tip today that fixed the problem on my phone.

    Did this message start popping up on your phone when you downloaded a photo?

    Delete that photo and it'll be fixed.

    You'll need to go to the phones file, all files, downloads.
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    01-28-2018 10:29 PM
  9. michail71's Avatar
    Thanks, I decided to tackle the issue again and I deleted everything off the phone, cleared cache, restarted, etc. The problem is still persisting.

    The only photos that are showing up now are from google drive but that's cloud based.

    I'll see if I can decouple the google drive account and add it back.

    If that fails I'll do the reset but I hate to resort to a full factory reset.
    01-29-2018 12:38 PM
  10. michail71's Avatar
    I removed the google account, disabled the photos app, set it back to factory. It deleted an additional gigabyte. After the photos app reinstalled and with no media at all on the phone the error finally went away.

    After adding my google drive account back in the error returned. I think the corrupt data is coming from google drive.
    01-29-2018 01:09 PM

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