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    Just wanted to know how LogMeIn was working on the Echo. I've played with the phone, and for me, a hardware keyboard is a necessity, however, the phones that do have a keyboard were very uncomfortable. Turns out, I typed faster on the Echo.

    Anyway, the Sprint store near me doesn't have any MicroSD card in their demo unit, so I wasn't able to download and install LogMeIn on it to try it.

    I just wanted to know how it works in tablet mode on the device? Will LogMeIn stretch a remote system across both screens? Will it even work with both screens? If it does work across both screens, and you access the keyboard, does it shrink down to one screen, or does the keyboard not access? If it shrinks down to one screen, will it restore back to full once the keyboard is closed?

    Sorry for all the questions - I've been searching for a few weeks now, and I haven't run across any post, comment, or whatnot regarding LogMeIn on the Echo.

    09-16-2011 10:52 PM
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    Not sure, since I use phonemypc instead, but seeing as they both do the same thing it should run fine across both screens so long as you have the tablet mode app on.

    To answer your questions in order, it works great. Yes it covers both screens so long as you have the tablet mode app on. The keyboard does shrink it down like any other app, and everything goes back to normal when you close the keyboard.

    I even have a pic of it from showing off to a coworker lol
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    09-17-2011 12:08 AM
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    That definitely is some good news, and I really appreciate the screenshot, thanks! Not familiar with PhoneMyPC, but hopefully LogMeIn is really the same.

    I guess I'll probably pick up the Echo next month when in Oregon (can't beat 0% sales tax!).
    09-17-2011 08:40 PM
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    Just logged in from my phone, to double-check: LogMeIn works fine.

    Hint screen pops up:
    Pinch to zoom in/out
    1 finger to pan screen / move mouse...

    You can drag, simulate scroll wheel, right-click (special mode button), etc.

    Log-in was (unbelievably) fast; faster than it sometimes is from a wired computer. I'm not kidding!

    EDIT: Just accidentally rebooted, while trying to unstick a program that wasn't responding (I noticed it was stuck before I left the house this morning). LogMeIn offered to quickly re-login for me.

    A mouse pointer appears in the center of your screen; no matter where you physically tap, the mouse icon indicates where the tap occurs. This is counter-intuitive: you move the screen until the button you want is underneath the pointer icon! After you get that, things get easier...

    EDIT AGAIN: OK, that was fun! And really, really easy, once I got the hang of it.
    11-23-2011 08:36 AM

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