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    I've bounced between webOS and Android a couple times. Recently, I picked up a TouchPad, which I love... with a couple of exceptions. I'm considering returning it and picking up a Galaxy Tab 10.1 (or another recommendation), but I want to make sure I'm not moving from one platform that doesn't meet my needs to another. I thought this would be the place to ask my questions.

    First, three significant needs:

    1) HTTP Proxy. This isn't handled by webOS, yet. I found some info that sounded like it isn't natively handled by Android 3.1, but could be hacked in. How well does it work? I must have this to connect to anything, at work.

    2) Office document (Word and Excel) editing. Quick Office for webOS doesn't edit, yet. It looks like there's a QO HD for tablets. Does it work well? Can I have multiple documents open at once and switch between them easily?

    3) Evernote. It doesn't look like there's a tablet-targeted version for Android, either. Does the phone version scale well on the tablets, or not really?

    Then, a couple of high wants:

    1) Remember the Milk. Is there a tablet targeted version? Does the phone version scale well?

    2) Kindle. Tablet version? How's the phone version work?

    3) Can I watch the shows I've purchased from Amazon on an Android tablet? These are hit-or-miss on the TouchPad.

    4) How's the Netflix app work?

    Overall, I love the cards on webOS and find it a love more intuitive than Android (sorry, guys). When doing "real work", I have lots of things open at once. I just can't imagine scaling up the app switching on my Epic to a tablet without getting frustrated. Is there anything new in this department for Honeycomb?
    07-11-2011 02:55 PM