1. Rover Pow's Avatar
    my only usage of a phone is making calls and receiving email notifications/reading the odd article and listening to radio from time to time as well using the flashlight a couples times a day everyday, so I wanted to see what's the max days I can get from my G3 on a fresh factory reset without any much apps installed.

    So far I have done the following, installed:
    greenify app- to start the android M doze in a minutes instead of hours.
    greenpower app (premium cracked,hehe) to schedule my wifi to only turn on every 15minutes for a minute just so I could receive emails as normal, I have also disabled the wifi scheduling alltogether at night so it doesn't wakes me up as usually.
    I have also disabled data and set on 2g instead of 4g to save battery juice, I can just turn on data as I need it.

    It does looks promising so far, but I was wondering what else could I do to get some extra run-time out of my phone?

    04-26-2016 08:16 AM
  2. mstrblueskys's Avatar
    I'd go into Settings>Applications. If you have a tab that shows you the apps that are running, go through that and make sure you need all of those apps running.

    I'm sure you've done this, but make sure display brightness is low and GPS is off as well?
    04-26-2016 09:42 AM

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