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    I hope someone can help.

    I got my new Moto G today and used it until the battery was at about 15%. I switched it off and put in on charge for about an hour. When I returned to it, the screen showed me that it had charged to about 45% - good enough for me to continue playing on it a little - or so I thought...

    I held the power button to switch it on and it showed me the white Motorola screen and then it went off. I tried again and the same thing happened. Now, without me even touching it, it is continually booting to the initial Motorola screen and switching off.

    I've tried holding the power button along with the down volume to get to the Fastboot Flash menu and that works but none of the options there do anything. Factory reset, for example, just turns the phone off and then it automatically goes back to the while Motorola screen and off again.

    I've now left it happily turning itself off and on.

    Somebody please help me!
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    03-01-2014 03:45 PM
  2. Sizzers's Avatar
    Have you tried just continuously holding the power button down on its own to see if it reboots?

    I only ask because if you want to restart your phone whilst its charging and switched off you have to keep the power button pressed down until it kicks in, otherwise this is pretty weird.

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    03-01-2014 05:16 PM
  3. Twinguistics's Avatar
    Yeah, I've tried that a number of times. I even held it down for 5 minutes and it didn't do anything.

    It has stopped automatically rebooting now though, maybe the battery has run down. I'm going to leave it overnight now (I'm in the UK) and then try to charge it tomorrow.

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    03-01-2014 05:38 PM
  4. Sizzers's Avatar
    Well I would try charging it for an hour or so now, disconnect then try to restart. Good luck!

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    03-01-2014 05:46 PM
  5. Twinguistics's Avatar
    Ok well I left it overnight and tried to charge it this morning and it just started to do the same thing - it starts up, gets to the white screen and shuts down again.

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    03-02-2014 04:29 AM
  6. Sizzers's Avatar
    Sorry to hear that.

    Had, in fact, the battery discharged itself when you came to charge it this morning?
    03-02-2014 04:43 AM
  7. Twinguistics's Avatar
    Yes, I connected it via usb to my laptop and it actually showed the battery charging screen and it was at 0%. I thought this was great as it was some progress at least. I've now left it connected to my wall charger for 3 hours and it's back to just powering up and down without showing the battery charge screen.

    It's maddening.
    03-02-2014 08:19 AM
  8. Sizzers's Avatar
    Well its a replacement job then.

    In its own right its a great little phone so hope you get it sorted pretty quick.

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    03-02-2014 10:06 AM
  9. divsec1's Avatar
    It is probably the lap top, I have had a couple of instances, using laptop to charge where the charge has dropped rather than increased. Try using a third party mains charger, that'll solve it for sure.
    03-04-2014 11:47 AM
  10. Avrupa's Avatar
    I have the same problem! Could you please tell me how you fixed it
    09-07-2014 03:22 AM

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