1. lsmunoz's Avatar
    I am having trouble with the music player. I am running rooted 2.2 (OTA not leak). When I try to play any song, it gives a message about the player does not support this type of file. I had no trouble under rooted 2.1. I have tried a couple of other players with no success (no messages either).

    Update: After finishing my post, I saw that someone else posted same issue, but reported that a reboot at least temporarily fixed. I rebooted and it is now working.
    09-24-2010 01:45 PM
  2. bigsexxxy69's Avatar
    I just posted about the same issue. Does it start to work after you reboot the phone?
    09-24-2010 01:48 PM
  3. droidntn's Avatar
    ditto here..reboot fixes it temporarily.
    09-24-2010 03:24 PM
  4. roberte1342's Avatar
    The leaked 2.2 did this as well. I was hoping it would be fixed in the official version.
    09-25-2010 04:43 AM
  5. fishngrits's Avatar
    I had the exact same problem. Did a battery pull, dumped all of my music, and put it all back on my phone. That was two days ago. So far, so good.
    09-25-2010 05:01 AM