01-20-2011 01:50 PM
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  1. Wildo6882's Avatar
    Ok, here's my issue:

    The bottom icons (phone, app drawer, contacts) are not disappearing when I scroll between pages. When I scroll, I know have the dots and home for the 7 different screen, as well as the phone, app drawer and contacts button on the bottom of my screen. This is really annoying because it's quite the cluster down there and I can't really see what the hell I'm doing. If I remember correctly these icons used to disappear, or scroll out of view, when scrolling between pages so it would be easier to quickly choose a specific screen, but this isn't happening now.

    This just happened last night, after my phone rebooted itself. The only things I downloaded yesterday were an update to Jorte and an update to Wordfeud.

    I've rebooted a few times, taken out the battery, and nothing. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
    01-18-2011 08:16 AM
  2. bear_lx's Avatar
    well i am sure factory data reset would work... but if you dont wanna lose all your info... try this. go to market and download launcher pro. when it is finished you should be able to hit the hard home button and a window will pop up asking which launcher you want to use. select launcher pro. you will notice everything has changed. then just switch back the same way. when you switch back you will still have everything exactly as you left it. and hopefully it fixes it...

    note : if hitting hard home button doesnt bring up a box for you to select which launcher you want to use. then also download homeswitcher. and you can switch that way...
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    01-18-2011 09:19 AM
  3. Wildo6882's Avatar
    Thanks. I'll try that out in a little while and I'll report back on what it did. You basically hit the nail on the head. I really didn't want to have to do a factory reset and was basically trying to find a fix by avoiding that at all costs.
    01-18-2011 09:28 AM
  4. bear_lx's Avatar
    no problem, who knows you may find that you like launcher pro way better than the factory launcher and decide to keep it... i use launcher pro. it gives you the pinch to view all homescreens like htc sense. and customizable app trays. also if you decide you like it when you hit the home button and that box pops up asking which launcher you want to use, check the box that says "use by default" so everytime you hit the home button you dont have to select which launcher you want, but only after you decide you want to keep launcher pro. although it is still reversable in "manage apps" good luck!
    01-18-2011 09:34 AM
  5. Wildo6882's Avatar
    Didn't work. When I switched back, it still won't scroll down out of the screen. Damn, this is annoying.

    Thanks for the help, though. It was worth a shot.
    01-18-2011 09:46 AM
  6. bear_lx's Avatar
    try this then, go into settings>applications>manage apps> and then find you stock launcher... then clear data/clear cache force stop and reboot
    01-18-2011 09:50 AM
  7. Wildo6882's Avatar
    I'll try that out. I'm actually resetting all of my screens in LauncherPro now. It's actually pretty cool, although you're probably going to cost me $2.99 so I can get the full version to resize my contact quick tasks. Haha. But seriously, thanks for the help. I'll let you know if I get it working again.
    01-18-2011 11:26 AM
  8. bear_lx's Avatar
    might be able to find the paid version in the 4shared app for free... but thats always risky. its worth the 2.99, i bought it.
    01-18-2011 11:28 AM
  9. Wildo6882's Avatar
    Hmmmm, well here's something weird for you...

    I did the clear data/force stop of my homescreen and when I go to my screens, the scroll issue is gone, and so are a few widgets. After I reboot the phone, some of my stuff comes back, but the scrolling issue returns. I'm at a loss.
    01-18-2011 11:58 AM
  10. bear_lx's Avatar
    definately a corrupted file somewhere... could be from an app installed. so choices are either run LP, or factory data reset... although keep in mind you can backup all your apps with titanium backup and google will back up all your contacts. so factory data reset isnt all that big of a deal... realy only thing you will have to configure again is your widgets and homescreens...
    01-18-2011 12:07 PM
  11. Wildo6882's Avatar
    Where can I find titanium backup? I'll probably do a factory reset and still possibly use LP, I just want it to work properly in case I decide I don't like LP.

    Thanks again for all your help.
    01-18-2011 12:20 PM
  12. Cyber Warrior's Avatar
    Its in the market.
    01-18-2011 12:26 PM
  13. Wildo6882's Avatar
    You have to be rooted, correct, to use TB? Or pay 6 bucks? I'm not currently rooted.
    01-18-2011 12:32 PM
  14. Cyber Warrior's Avatar
    Yes you have to be rooted. You can use Mybackup Pro also in the market. I've heard of this happening but the exact opposite. The icons would disappear for no reason. Which is usually caused by low memory or a bad app installed. Actually its usually a few apps that are not getting along together. Keep that in mind if you backup and then put all your apps back onto the phone. I would add them back little by little to see which one it is.
    Have you downloaded or done anything to the phone when this started happening?
    01-18-2011 12:42 PM
  15. Wildo6882's Avatar
    It appears to have stopped itself. Here's what happened:

    Last night I got an update to Jorte and to WordFeud. That was it. My battery was about to die and my phone rebooted itself. When it booted back up the issue was there where the phone, app drawer, and contacts buttons would not disappear when scrolling from page to page.

    I followed Dizzy's directions and cleared the data of my home and it seems to be working now.

    But I can't get my home to be the default home now, it keeps loading LP when I press the home button. I've downloaded Home Switcher, but I can't set a default. It tells me to clear LP's default settings, but it's greyed out when I go in and check that in my applications, so I can't clear anything.
    01-18-2011 12:50 PM
  16. bear_lx's Avatar
    you could always remove launcher pro and it would revert back to stock launcher
    01-18-2011 02:38 PM
  17. Wildo6882's Avatar
    Thanks for all your help today, guys. I got a response in another thread about HomeSmack and that helped me out. I kinda want to keep LP just in case I decide to use it later (one of the nice things about the X, no worries about apps clogging memory). But seriously, thanks again. It seems to be up and running after doing some serious data and cache cleaning. It looks like that seems to be the cure-all for glitches, at least in my experience (that's what I had to do when my Hotmail quit syncing and sending messages).
    01-18-2011 03:02 PM
  18. Wildo6882's Avatar
    Well, after a reboot, the issue returned. I have absolutely NO CLUE as to what is causing it. I'm assuming I'd have to do a factory reset to fix this because I'm sure you guys are right and it's a corrupted file somewhere. I did, however, decide to take the $2.99 plunge and pick up the full version of LP. It is pretty nice, but some things don't work right with it, like the Moto Contact Quick Tasks, which I like better than the LP People Widget.

    I'm still on the fence about a factory reset. I do have Z4 on my phone, so I may root and download Titanium to back up everything. Or I may just use LP only, and leave the Moto Launcher as-is. However, I know me, and I know that back in my mind there's something wrong and I'll have to fix it.

    Thanks again for your help yesterday.
    01-19-2011 10:39 AM
  19. bear_lx's Avatar
    you do lose some moto blur elements in LP, but overall worth it for me. far too many elements that are superior to the stock launcher. possibilities are endless with rooting, custom roms, and the help of these forums!!! and you're welcome, good luck!
    01-19-2011 10:55 AM
  20. Wildo6882's Avatar
    I definitely like it, I'll most likely keep it and use it. The OCD in me has an issue knowing that my Moto Launcher has a glitch in it that needs to be fixed, so I'll most likely end up rooting and doing a factory reset.
    01-19-2011 11:22 AM
  21. bear_lx's Avatar
    haha your just like me.... i had a samsung fascinate that had a marketplace issue. i could of very easil just rooted and flashed a new rom and it would have worked but i worked on that thing for weeks!!! never could fix it and it bothered me so much i sold it on ebay ( with issues disclosed) and bought a droid x...lol

    getting off topic though...good luck again
    01-19-2011 02:42 PM
  22. Wildo6882's Avatar
    Haha, yep...it's an issue. I'll try to fix it and see if that helps out my OCD. I could see me trying to switch phones even though it works fine with LP. Thanks again for all your help!
    01-19-2011 03:25 PM
  23. Arelunde's Avatar
    I would be suspicious of the two apps you downloaded right before this issue surfaced. Try uninstalling them, do a battery pull, and see if things are back to normal. If so, re-download the two apps ONE at a time, and check for the dock problems after each install. You seem to have an app conflict going on.
    01-19-2011 06:30 PM
  24. Arelunde's Avatar
    PS - If you do find the culprits and resolve your issue, I HIGHLY recommend Launcher Pro Plus! It's great!
    01-19-2011 06:31 PM
  25. Wildo6882's Avatar
    PS - If you do find the culprits and resolve your issue, I HIGHLY recommend Launcher Pro Plus! It's great!
    Thanks for the advice! I tried that out and deleted both of the apps that were downloaded before all this happened, rebooted, and nada! I'm definitely at a loss. Im actually using LP right now because that issue is really annoying me. I can't figure out how to fix it. Two forums haven't been able to fix it yet. Hopefully I can avoid the dreaded factory reset. Thanks again.
    01-19-2011 08:53 PM
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