1. Magnious's Avatar
    I just got an update for Moto Connect. Could it be a sigh on things to come? 2.1 maybe? LOL, anyhow. Does anyone use motoconnect, or know how to utilize it with the Droid? I downloaded it, but never put it to use. What is it for? Why do I have it? Should I use it more often?
    02-13-2010 12:48 AM
  2. Bottlestopper's Avatar
    I downloaded it but never used it either. I think I will uninstall it.
    02-13-2010 05:14 AM
  3. ducky124's Avatar
    i used it in the past for my Krave and razr phones
    02-13-2010 09:03 AM
  4. corydunbar's Avatar
    what is moto connect? does it work with windows 7?
    02-13-2010 10:48 AM
  5. anon(4712533)'s Avatar
    what is moto connect? does it work with windows 7?
    MotoConnect is a PC application that keeps your Motorola device drivers up-to-date. Additionally, on supported phones, MotoConnect can launch the owner support page for your phone giving you easy access to user guides, FAQs, tutorials, videos and more.

    Motorola Mobile Phone USB Drivers (for Windows®)
    This USB Driver is used for connecting your Motorola Mobile Phone to a Windows® computer via a USB cable in order to charge your phone or to access the data on your phone.

    Supported Handsets

    This USB Driver supports most Motorola OS, Motorola Linux OS, Motorola iDEN, Motorola Symbian/UIQ, Motorola Windows Mobile® and Motorola i-mode Handsets.

    System Requirements

    A 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows 2000®, Windows XP®, or Windows Vista® Operating system.

    I would think if it works for Vista it would work for Windows 7
    02-13-2010 05:00 PM
  6. corydunbar's Avatar
    I just use Motorola Media Link, and it takes care of all that for me as well as give me a great program to transfer files and convert them to a compatible format. Its finally available for windows 7.
    02-14-2010 10:01 PM
  7. tealturboser's Avatar
    I uninstalled it. All it keeps doing is asking to update and then says it cant update because it is already up to date
    02-15-2010 10:53 AM
  8. Dapke36's Avatar
    I only use doubleTwist to sync music. Everything else I sync manually.
    02-15-2010 11:44 AM