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    I was a day 1 Palm Pre purchaser on Sprint and continue to use my Pre-. However, with HP driving a stake through the heart of webOS I've finally decided to look elsewhere for a phone (although I love my Touchpad!). I am seriously considering the Samsung Galaxy S II and the iPhone 4S, as this is the first time the iPhone has been available on Sprint.

    Personally I'm leaning towards the Samsung because I am so totally not a fan of iTunes. But the iOS ecosystem does intrigue me. However, it appears that there are very few apps that are iOS exclusive nowadays and I'm not a fan of Apple's "closed garden" approach. I thoroughly enjoyed patching and overclocking my Palm Pre and Android's openness is appealing to me in that regard.

    I'm not totally unfamiliar with the Android as my parents both have Evos and I get called on frequently to help them out. My three teenaged daughters all have the LG Optimus S and I've helped them figure things out. I purchased my wife an Android tablet for her birthday but she ended up returning it and getting the Nook instead (and insists on keeping it stock!). I know I will have a learning curve if I do end up going 'droid, but as a 10+ year TreoCentral/PreCentral user I know AndroidCentral will be a great place to learn. And thus ends my introduction.

    10-13-2011 01:24 PM

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