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    Hey Guys,
    I have a GoClever R103 with a broken screen and I'm trying to output through HDMI.
    In the manual there is a section on this but only says it can output to HDMI when playing a video.
    Is there a way to have it output without playing a video and screen access? Maybe a ROM of some kind?
    I've attached screenshots of the tablet/netbook.
    Thanks in advance :)

    Edit: When i switch the monitor I'm outputting to the screen detects nothing but the netbook screen will glow white like in the Image bellow untill it switches back to DVI.
    Attached Thumbnails GoClever R103 HDMI Issues-img_20140212_194617.jpg   GoClever R103 HDMI Issues-img_20140212_194630.jpg  
    02-12-2014 03:16 PM

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