10-23-2013 12:13 AM
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  1. daveyv24's Avatar
    Puppy Love
    Taken with my Galaxy S4 edited with Google + Photos editing tools
    Weekly Photo Contest: Animals-img_20130922_142850-7-.jpg
    10-22-2013 06:46 PM
  2. peliner's Avatar
    A fly sucking nectar of my mango tree.
    Taken by Nexus 4. Applied topaz denoise.

    10-22-2013 07:00 PM
  3. UJ95x's Avatar
    Weekly Photo Contest: Animals-20131021_145125_richtone-hdr-.jpg
    My 7 month old pup Luna in front of her new house Built it over the weekend, still needs paint, a bed, a floorboard and a lot of decorating (particularly the door) but it's not bad for my first time making one.
    10-22-2013 07:12 PM
  4. tannerrblake's Avatar
    About half a second after I took this photo she pounced on my phone.
    10-22-2013 07:13 PM
  5. UJ95x's Avatar
    About half a second after I took this photo she pounced on my phone.
    There's no picture :\
    10-22-2013 07:58 PM
  6. cwieka23pl's Avatar
    This is Doberman her name is Lilly, taken with Samsung Galaxy S4 edited using Snapseed.

    Weekly Photo Contest: Animals-img_20131022_210419.jpg
    10-22-2013 08:10 PM
  7. chadmd23's Avatar
    Weekly Photo Contest: Animals-rsz_img_20130906_133142.jpg

    Size matters not! Look at me! (taken with my Nexus 4, size reduced & border added at http://www.picresize.com/)
    10-22-2013 09:03 PM
  8. sswboard1211's Avatar
    This is Roscoe: He isn't my dog. He belongs to my neighbor. After having to give my dog away due to a problem in the family, he's the closest to a pet i've got. He's not mine, but to him, my yard is a toilet. Here is Roscoe caught in deep thought contemplating what it truly means to be a 'dog'. Weekly Photo Contest: Animals-imag1161_burst003_1_1.jpg
    10-22-2013 09:55 PM
  9. The Tick077's Avatar
    Weekly Photo Contest: Animals-img_20131022_215254-2.jpg
    Weekly Photo Contest: Animals-img_20131022_215254.jpg

    Taken with my S3 at the St. Louis Zoo.
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    10-22-2013 09:57 PM
  10. UJ95x's Avatar
    Puppy Love
    Taken with my Galaxy S4 edited with Google + Photos editing tools
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20130922_142850 (7).jpg 
Views:	31 
Size:	240.0 KB 
ID:	88374
    Looks like my dog XD
    10-22-2013 09:58 PM
  11. snickers0705's Avatar

    taken with galaxy s4 edit with snapseed
    10-22-2013 10:49 PM
  12. sucatkane's Avatar

    taken with galaxy s3 with camera zoom no editing
    10-22-2013 11:11 PM
  13. James Paul Herman's Avatar
    Thanks for the tapatalk rec. As to the other point: if I try to use Chrome on my phone I don't see any options to attach a pic; If I request the desktop site and try to attach a pic I get a message informing me that this is not supported...
    10-22-2013 11:36 PM
  14. digitalbreak's Avatar
    Taken with HTC One

    Attached Thumbnails Weekly Photo Contest: Animals-imag0012.jpg  
    10-23-2013 12:03 AM
  15. CR6's Avatar
    I'm using the stock browser on my phone right now and it's working fine. I got an "encapsulated network error" when I tried going to the site via my home Wi-Fi, so I logged off and am using 4G and had no problem. When you log on through your phone's browser it will automatically take you to the mobile site. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Desktop or Full Site". Then you'll see the forum exactly how you would on your pc.
    Test photo.
    Weekly Photo Contest: Animals-screenshot_2013-10-22-23-04-07.png
    It's kind of a pain to upload a picture this way, but it can be done via your stock browser.
    Good luck!
    10-23-2013 12:13 AM
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