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    We wanted to make a quick post to address an issue we have been seeing in the forums. There have been a few individuals who have been asking how to "spoof" (or fake) their GPS locations by various means in order to fool the Pokemon GO Game into thinking you're somewhere you're not. At Android Central, this falls under the "Illegal Activities" section of the forum rules since we treat this like we do any other hack within a game to gain an advantage over others (especially one with In-App purchases). Please bear in mind this is against the ToS for the Pokemon GO app and can result in your account being banned by the developer.

    AC Community Rules: Community Rules & Guidelines - Mobile Nations Forums

    ToS for Pokemon GO: https://www.nianticlabs.com/terms/pokemongo/en (#17 to be specific)

    To be clear, asking and offering help to defraud, steal from or trick the game into getting paid services for free is the issue here and members that violate these rules will see threads closed, receive at least one warning and be infracted as necessary. I'm sure that there will be questions, feel free to send a PM to any moderator or myself to see those addressed.
    07-20-2016 09:22 AM

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