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    Hey guys! I need a little help buying a gift for my momma
    Currently she has a kindle with the physical keyboard which I bought for her last year... and her Iphone 4...
    To give you a little idea of her...She's not THAT good with technology, she knows how to search stuff up and use apps... but she doesnt touch the "settings" options and she doesnt know or is afraid to get apps (cuz shes afraid of purchasing something) (she went over her data one time... by like 100 dollars..maybe thats why shes scared lol) .. I have to download it for her ..
    she uses her phone mainly for browsing stuff of the web (home improvement stores, department stores, flower stores) and some youtube i think but not that much... uh she plays some games...very minimal.. she liked duliongo since she wanted to learn spanish.. she likes listening to music and just discovered pandora... some word documents..she reads a lot of ebooks but on her kindle cuz its easier on her eyes
    So her birthday is coming up and i was wondering if buying her a Chromebook be a good choice for her? are there a lot of apps? is it something that will last awhile...atleast 1-2 years... ? or should i consider buying her a Kindle Fire HD or Nexus 7 (I have a nexus 7 but I don't believe she will be able to use it to her full extent..or half its extent ..no offense mom!) I guess to sum it all up I need something that will be snappy, reliable, no much maintenance, easy to use and long lasting ..
    07-16-2013 11:22 PM

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