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    Hi all

    I have a website that contains several YouTube video’s (xlsdesign.com). My problem is that when I view my website using my Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5839i the YouTube video is no longer visible. If I touch the screen where the video should be then a rectangle appears for a second but nothing happens.

    The video shows up fine on my girlfriend’s phone (Galaxy S4) and as it used to work on mine I believe the problem must be with my phone rather than my website.

    If I go to YouTube then viewing the video is fine and all works well.
    Has anyone encountered a similar problem or do you have any ideas what could cause this?
    02-14-2014 03:05 PM
  2. XlsDesign's Avatar
    Hi All

    I have solved the problem I was having and it was as simple this.

    To view a website with an embedded video your phone must have the YouTube App installed.
    02-15-2014 04:24 AM

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