1. snakehead404's Avatar
    Hello just made an account here so i could see if anyone can help me or give me an alternative solution.

    I've just recently bought a samsung gear 2 from JB-HI-FI because i got a good discount on it, i took it home, charged it fully and then turned it on and went through the steps it asked me to do and typical I went on the galaxy store and i couldn't even find it as a search result. Then i searched on my sisters S4 and found it but it couldn't connect there because she didn't want to update her phone but it worked otherwise. My S3 had the original version 4.0.4 from when it came out and it would refuse to update, my phone was bought outright and my carrier allows me to update my phone so i wasn't sure why it didn't update. I read online and it said i needed jelly bean 4.2 or higher to run the gear app and so i installed the latest CyanogenMod and it updated my phone to 4.4.4 so then because i still couldn't find the gear manager on the play store or samsung store from my phone i downloaded the APK and installed it to my phone. IT worked fine and i could connect to my gear but when i connect it, it just sits there and says "connecting to gear" I have rebooted both the phone and watch but it failed to do anything, the bluetooth knows its connected too.

    Please help me here guys, i don't want to have to get a $600+ phone just to get my gear to work or get a Nexus 5 and fiddle with installing it there. Thank you all in advance for the help <3
    08-21-2014 07:03 PM
  2. Jaimelebrone's Avatar
    You need to get galaxy apps from play store then inside the galaxy app you need to get gear manager. You might have to restart tour phone several times.
    09-23-2014 06:15 AM

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