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    I'm interested in the Note 2. I had tablets but returned them due to various issues. I carry an mp3 player, cell phone, and tablet(use to) when I am mobile. I have a pretty cool computer that has a nice sandy bridge dual core processor. My digital camera is an old sony consumer type that still takes great 1080p pictures, but uses the older sony memory sticks! My cell phone is an out dated black razer flip phone. I do not own a camcorder! My mp3 player is a Sansa Fuze 8GB model with optional micro sd option. The tablet I use to have was a google nexus 7.

    A. Can the Galaxy Note 2 replace a PC?

    1) I know HDMI on the note 2 is possible, and with bluetooth I can easily connect my mouse and keyboard. The Quad core specs bring it to a level where productivity isn't limited by hardware, but by the software most of the time. As far as media, videos, and apps, android offers tons of advantages over windows, and vice versa.

    2) Problem #1: Is there really a suitable replacement program for MS Word Or Open Office on Android, where I could create everything that Word or Open Office can?

    3) Problem #2: Printing? How in the world can you print from the Note 2? It's not like you can download printer drivers for the Galaxy Note 2 right? Maybe there is a way you can PRINT DIRECTLY FROM the Note 2.

    4) And obviously if you are a power user on the pc and need to video edit, play advanced pc games, adobe photoshop, etc. then it's not possible...but I was thinking that it might be possible for someone like me who uses word, checks emails, surfs the web, etc.

    B. Can the Galaxy Note 2 replace an mp3 player, cell phone, camera, camcorder, and tablet when on the go?

    1) MP3 Player: This is an area where I think it's more feasible. The Note 2 would be a huge mp3 player though. MP3 players are great for working out in. With this device, you might have to get one of those old waist band holders that you would use to carry portable cd players in for the gym in the 90s? Return of the fanny pack anyone?

    For car use of course it would be fine. I don't think the Note 2 could replace my Sansa Fuze for running, biking, etc. If just lifting weights I can see using the Note 2 on those days.

    2) Cell Phone: Obviously it can but maybe the size factor might detract some? It's huge for a phone I think.

    3) Camera. Obviously were not talking professional grade here. But can the quality be good enough to produce great pictures? From the reviews I've seen, absolutely.

    4) Camcorder. From videos I've seen so far it's just ok. The hd quality is nice but it's a jittery. It would be more than overkill for someone like me who probably won't use it much.

    5) Tablet: I think it does this well unless your eyesight is unfortunately poor. 5.5 might be a small tablet for some especially when you are coming from a 10 inch tablet like the ipad 2.

    All in all I think some people could really use the Note 2 instead of the five mentioned devices. I'm not going to sell my pc or portable mp3 player any time soon. But this is the closest device that I've seen that can in one swoop, replace these six major electronic devices(PC, Camera, Camcorder, Cell Phone, Tablet, and MP3 player. Phones like these will make great travel companions and eliminate the need for most to carry a bunch of devices with them...not to mention the batteries, chargers, and other accessories needed when you do carry a ton of devices with you.
    11-11-2012 05:06 PM
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    For me, it's my mp3 player, cell phone, and camera/camcorder already. But it's been that way for me since the Evo. The only reason I occasionally reach for a point and shoot is the lack of optical zoom on the phone.

    It won't replace my tablet because as large as the Note 2 is, it's not big enough for comic books and remote desktop, and I still prefer the larger screen for movies.
    That said, my Note is faster and smoother than my Transformer Prime, and I'd much rather use it for surfing the net.

    For what I use my PC for, it's not even close. Maybe as a laptop replacement, but not a desktop.
    11-11-2012 05:26 PM
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    I'm in the same boat with cobravision.

    I think the note is setting the bar so in 2 or so years we may see an all in one that can be a true plug and play cpu. With the dock Samsung has made, if it becomes popular it will make the push for an all in one setup, but we're still a ways away.

    I use a Sony z laptop, which was similar in advancement as the note 2. It's a super light laptop that can plug into a power dock to become a high level cpu with dual monitors etc, while giving you that laptop feel on the go. It's expensive and doesn't cater to everyone but it's that kind of advancement that would make a phone be able to be a plug and play cpu, with the ability to have a high level power dock.

    The Samsung docking station for 99 bucks will dictate the advancement based on how well it sells. I'd buy one for the fun of it, but it wouldn't be a "need"

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    11-11-2012 06:33 PM
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    I'm not much of a photographer, so I can't speak to that, but I am finding that I don't use my tablet any more -- the Note is taking over all of the functions of the tablet for me.

    The Note comes with Polaris, and of course, there is Google Drive/Docs. I have always used Docs to Go, since the old Palm Pilot days, so I still use it. If you need any websites or applications with special functions, you might check those out first. I have installed Flash 11, and still cannot get sites that require it to work for me (yet) -- bummer, since I need one of those sites for my job.

    But overall, I am using it for all of what you mentioned, plus ereader and a tuner/recorder/metronome.I don't see it replacing my laptop on trips yet, but I want to experiment around with splashtop.
    11-11-2012 07:42 PM
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    I am a professional author who publishes on Kindle. I've written two hundred romance novellas. The last forty books were written entirely on my Galaxy Note II. SwiftKey, evernote, and text Maker allow me to finalize in HTML format to send up to the Kindle system. I create book covers using Adobe Photo Shop Touch. I haven't opened my laptop in a year.
    07-02-2013 08:00 AM

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