03-23-2018 09:48 AM
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  1. Bex74's Avatar
    Thank you so much. Very helpful advice.
    09-22-2013 08:39 AM
  2. Lubna Kably's Avatar
    Hi all,
    I just joined this group, after a google search for a solution on contacts that have disappeared. I'm a journalist and contacts are my lifeline.I tried to reboot and that didn't work. I removed my SIM card and hey presto the contacts stored on my phone were visible.
    When I insert the SIM, it shows contacts loading and it goes on and on and on and no contacts are visible (even as the contacts menu is ticked to show both SIM and phone contacts). I have contacts both on SIM and phone - Not yet on gmail. For now, I am creating a backup of all contacts on the phone to a SD card. It is 3 am in the morning and I am figuring out how to resolve all these problems.
    I've read the earlier threads, I even tried rebooting, so far nothing has worked. Well tomorrow is another day, signing off now.
    09-29-2013 05:20 PM
  3. Lubna Kably's Avatar
    This follows my earlier post. This is what worked for me, I had to un-synch (if I may use that word) my gmail accounts. I had opted for synch contacts for one of my gmail accounts which probably was the cause of the trouble. After un-synching, I rebooted and then synched gmail account again, but didn't synch contacts. My Android Motorola Fire is now working fine - yeah I needed a QWERTY keypad and hence Fire was my choice.
    09-30-2013 11:05 AM
  4. Vignesh Krishna's Avatar
    thnx and i fixed my problem .
    10-17-2013 04:49 AM
  5. Martha Armenta's Avatar
    Very helpful thank you!!!!!!!!
    I am not that used to this touch phones and it drove me nuts that I lost all my contacts and just a few were showing!!!!

    sunny parkermmm likes this.
    10-21-2013 04:01 PM
  6. Sue Haddad Sarkis's Avatar
    M23 you said to open contacts... but on the Nexus phone we have people... is it the same... is so I cannot see display all
    11-29-2013 03:28 PM
  7. Sue Haddad Sarkis's Avatar
    I cannot see Contacts ... display contact ... I have people ... can you help.... have a nexus...
    I saw the conversation,and i tought why not to help you ? So,if you ever have a problem with the contacts list,you must do this couple of steps :
    *Go to contacts
    *Hit the menu button and select more
    *Then go to Display options
    *Scroll down and you will see Phone,and SIM under him
    If you have your contacts saved in your SIM card hit SIM and select All contacts.
    That's all,hope that i helped you If you need some more help,feel free to ask me
    11-29-2013 03:45 PM
  8. Mohammed Aqil's Avatar
    I have lost my contacts several times, I used to think that my contact list is big, (10,000 and more) it could be the cause, but after going thru the comments, it seems to me it is common problem with note 2.
    I dont know how to sort it out and there is no proper solution in the market, paid lot of money to solve it. The last solution is to change the phone.
    12-05-2013 06:32 AM
  9. Eclipse2K's Avatar
    I cannot see Contacts ... display contact ... I have people ... can you help.... have a nexus...
    Yes, its the same. Can you open People and click the menu button. You should see CONTACTS TO DISPLAY. Click that.

    Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
    12-05-2013 12:56 PM
  10. Santosh barve's Avatar
    i lost all my contacts from android phn. how can i get it back . i hv nt sync wid gmail..
    12-20-2013 11:23 PM
  11. Kelly Kearns's Avatar
    i lost all my contacts from android phn. how can i get it back . i hv nt sync wid gmail..
    Did you go into the contacts menu to make "all" contacts show?

    If you do not have your contacts synced with gmail, you should in the future, that way you can never lose your contacts.
    12-24-2013 10:07 AM
  12. LloydSwift's Avatar
    My contacts all just disappeared! I used them a few hours ago but when I went to look for them to call someone, they were all gone! I tried rebooting my phone twice but they have not come back yet!!! Help!!!
    01-10-2014 10:14 PM
  13. Kelly Kearns's Avatar
    My contacts all just disappeared! I used them a few hours ago but when I went to look for them to call someone, they were all gone! I tried rebooting my phone twice but they have not come back yet!!! Help!!!
    Did you see the above post about "showing all contacts" I posted?

    Did you sync your contacts will gmail?
    01-11-2014 01:53 PM
  14. Murat Sivaslioglu's Avatar
    hi everyone.
    I hope there is someone find solution for this contacts disappear problem.
    this isnt about displaying . I dont have anything on gmail either
    ı had more than 1500 contacts and ı had their name at whatsapp too.
    but now there isnt any contacts and at whatsapp there isnt any name, i can see just few of my contacts number at whatsapp
    ı tried antivirus programmes. there isnt any detected virus, tried contact snyc fix. but nothing come back yet.
    please your urgent help needed.
    01-12-2014 06:18 PM
  15. Peachesjmiller's Avatar
    I uninstalled talkatone app and got all my contacts back.
    01-20-2014 05:00 PM
  16. adiva45's Avatar
    They're probably not lost. In Contacts, go to Menu and then tap Contacts To Display. Tinker in these setting and you'll figure out which list is the right one and which ones you want to see. You can see Google contacts, Phone contacts, SIM contacts, All contacts, and other accounts you have. While you're in there, make sure which accounts you have set to sync.

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note II SGH-I317 using Tapatalk 2
    I tried this too and it didn't help. It is properly set up to display all contacts. The issue I see is that "Sync is currently experiencing problems".
    Well, I don't care if it's having an issue syncing but it shouldn't delete what's in the memory of my phone in the meantime!!! And the same problem is happening with my other Galaxy Note 2, on which I did a full factory reset but it didn't solve the problem either...
    02-08-2014 08:23 AM
  17. adiva45's Avatar
    I think I actually solved the problem but it came at the cost of having to reformat and reset the phone.

    I was actually rooted, which may have been the cause from the beginning. Curious to find out how many other people having this problem are rooted.

    Anyhow, after flashing my phone with stock AT&T firmware and restoring all my information I don't seem to have the problem with my contacts disappearing anymore.
    FYI, This didn't work for me. Still same issue... :-(
    02-08-2014 08:26 AM
  18. adiva45's Avatar
    Finally solved this by downloading "Contacts Sync Fix" from the Play store.

    Sent from my SCH-I605 using Tapatalk 2
    This filled me up with hope but it didn't work: "Group query returned null. This is not expected. Fix may not have been fully applied" and my contacts are still missing... :-(
    02-08-2014 09:15 AM
  19. adiva45's Avatar
    I am a bit pissed off about this whole ordeal.

    It didn't seem that the folks at CALL CONTROL were surprised that this was happening. In other words, I believe they knew about it all along.

    And, in the long run, this has caused damage to those of us who have been sitting here wondering what the hell is going on with our phone.

    In the past two months, because of this problem, I have been scrambling to figure out the problem. I unrooted my phone. I formatted my phone. I wrote letters to Samsung complaining that something about this phone was defective.

    All that time, all these problems were related to Call Control and I just wonder how long they knew about it.
    Don't get too mad at them, I still think it is a Samsung or Google issue, because many of us are having the same problem and we don't use Call Control.
    02-08-2014 10:11 AM
  20. adiva45's Avatar
    I recommend to anyone with a Note 2 to backup their contacts, and it's easy. Go to Settings in Contacts, choose Import/Export and choose either Export to USB or Export to SD card. The first backs up to the phone's internal storage and the second to your SD card. It's easy to restore by simply choosing Import later. You lose absolutely no data in any of your contact fields. I've done this.

    Futhermore, you can easily import the .vcf file that the export creates to nearly all other contact software on or off the phone.

    Ridin' a Note 2 blast
    FYI, I re-imported my exported files and the contacts still keep on disappearing / reappearing...
    02-08-2014 10:16 AM
  21. Sherbeam Wright's Avatar
    I had this same problem with my HTC one. The way I fixed it was...
    1. Go to contacts
    2. Click "Phonebook" drop down for on the left which says "multiple sources"
    3. The drop down list includes SIM, Google, G+ Phone
    4. Each item is followed by the number of contacts and ellipses "..."
    5. Click the ellipses for the type of contact you are trying to find (in my case Google)
    6. My groups were listed, then there was an option at the bottom for including "ungrouped" contacts
    7. I selected that option and my contacts came back

    Hope this helps some of you!
    02-25-2014 03:02 PM
  22. Fuckey's Avatar
    Rebooting didn't work for me.. What worked is, I log on to my gmail account through a pc, select contact and then selected restore. I picked the option 'yesterday' which means I'm restoring my contacts the way it was yesterday... It seems the problem is with google, I noticed "Android sync is experiencing problems" this message and afterwards my contacts were gone.
    Hope this works for all of you too as it worked well with my Xperia Z1 and S4 mini duo.
    03-02-2014 01:23 PM
  23. bobbyariel's Avatar
    i experienced the same problem..i hope somebody could help us..
    04-04-2014 08:15 AM
  24. aneekoc's Avatar
    Thanks for giving simple to follow stepts. All sorted now, you are brilliant. Thanks
    04-07-2014 07:15 AM
  25. Redevine's Avatar

    It has been a long time since there has been activity on this topic.
    I just (5hours ago) had the same problem with my CUBOT X6 (chinese brand like HUAWEI).
    I have the android version 4.2.2 and tried every previous solutions, but none worked.
    Most of the people who have this problem work with google, but I had my contacts syncted with hotmail.

    When I looked on my computer on hotmail, I saw my contacts were still there but couldn't get synchronized
    with android.

    I Deleted my hotmail and gmail account and reinstalled it.
    To delete a preinstalled account
    1) Go to contacts (or phonebook)
    2) tap the left android button to show the settings (left of the home-button)
    3) tap "accounts"
    4) select the account where your contacts were syncted with
    5) again, tap the left android button to show the settings (left of the home-button)
    6) tap "remove account"

    After you did this, reinstall your account

    7) Go to your phone "settings"
    8) When you scroll down, you will find "Accounts" and tap "Add account"
    9) Follow the steps as shown

    After completing the installation of your account,

    10) the same place where you tapped "Add account", tap the above email address
    11) Then it should show you your email address with "sync is OFF". Tap this
    12) click on "contacts" and then it starts to synchronize all your contacts.

    I hope I helped some people with this
    Plz let me know

    05-29-2014 05:30 PM
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